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F You, Dan Lok

I never wanted a job. I just wanted to be free and happy.


I don’t want a job. I want to be free. I’m happy enough.

But I want to be ecstatic.

I need more money for less work. Way more money for way less work.

I’m a teacher. I teach kids with “complex behaviours”. That means they abuse me, throw chairs at me and spit in my face. I can handle that. I can smile and be kind to them. Treat every day as a fresh start. I can.

But I don’t want to.

I’ve got a plan and this is my first action. I’m writing this down, just in case I “make it”, so that it can be my success story and can make me even richer. Hell, even if I fail miserably, perhaps this will be the ironic story of failure which makes me millions.

By the way, I’m reading Dan Lok’s F U Money.

I had a telephone interview last night from one of Dan’s people; they are trying to sell me the course. In their words, trying to help me. They set me an assignment. Said they’d call me back today. I did my assignment and if I did good, maybe they’d let me on the course. They didn’t call back at 7pm like they said. Oh well.

The three things I took from the free webinar?

1. I can do it by myself, without paying them shit. I know what I have to do, and it’s up to me to get on the computer and do it. Take action. Half term is coming up. I got this.

2. I have the skills I need already. I may not be a master, but I’m good enough to make a start, the rest I’ll learn as I go. I got this.

3. If what they told me is the truth (dubious), they need me more than I need them. They can let me do the course for free, a scholarship, and train me up to be an excellent colleague, or I can do it solo. Fuck you. I got this.

In the best possible way, Fuck You, Dan Lok. I got this.

I watched the webinar, read half of the free copy of F U Money. I get it. Action. I get it. Don’t trust people you don’t know to do shit for you. Do it your fucking self.

I’ve made my plan. One more week until half term. Five nights to read up on the missing little details and then a solid 9 days of action. A few hours each day, because that’s the whole point isn’t it? Less work, more money. More time to enjoy my freedom.

You already helped me a lot, Dan Lok. Really. Sincerely.

Fuck you very much.


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