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Chester called me back. That’s the guy that works for Dan Lok. I told him my three things. I told him that I felt confident. Excited. Audacious.

He was excited too, by the sound of my voice and my attitude. He said he was impressed. Said I was special.

“Good.” I said. “Because I want you to give me the course for free.” He laughed.

“Seriously. When you didn’t call me back, I was like “fuck you guys”, I can do this by myself. I can. I don’t need you guys, you need me.” He laughed again. I was serious.

He talked to me for 51 minutes despite the fact that I was adamant I didn’t need any help. I told him all the things I had learnt, how those points proved to me that I didn’t need to pay $2500 to learn anything. “Okay,” I said, “I’m not a master, but I’m good enough for now.”

“You know how I know I’ve got stuff to learn? Because you didn’t offer me the course for free.” 51 minutes and I have to start making excuses. This guy is wasting my time. “I’ve got Jiu Jitsu,” I say, “Thanks a lot. Have a great afternoon.”

I don’t go to Jiu Jitsu, I’m too excited. Instead make my website, my company. R.J.H Copywriting. I realize that the $2500 I saved can be invested on my website, on myself. I realize my web domain looks shit unless I pay for something better. I’m gonna pay tonight for that ugly mess to become something pretty. There’s still work to do on it, but it’s a step forward. I realize how this website is my practice for my clients. If I can’t make this work for myself, how am I going to be able to help anybody else? The website is the perfect start.

I realize this blog needs to be separated from Abroad Mind so that it can better support R.J.H Copywriting. I realize I’ve got to make much better use of social media and be willing to market myself. I realize that I’ve got a lot of potential.

There’s a Chinese Services Section and I realize that it’s too much. It needs to be a separate website, my next company. I’ll have to get rid of it tonight after work. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Today has been about realization. Turning my dream into reality.

R.J.H Copywriting is a thing now. I’m going it alone. It’s gonna be a hit.

Beautiful website, ugly link:

The ball is rolling steadily forwards.


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