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No New Year’s Resolution; Now, Here Resolution

You don’t need to break those bad habits. You need to be conscious of how you’re feeling right now. You don’t need to start going to the gym more. You need to wake up from your daydream. You’re better than a creature of habit. You’re a human. You don’t need to make a promise to yourself; you need to get to know yourself. Good morning. Wake up. Hello.

You’re human. The best creature possible on this planet. Don’t make that excuse, “only human,” what would you rather be? You are you. That’s pretty fucking fantastic, don’t you agree? You think you’d rather be me? Actually, I think I’d rather be me, personally. Can you hear yourself? Not your thoughts, your inner monologue. No. Can you feel the vibration of your body? Are you aware of the gentle movement of your molecules? You will be. Soon. When you start paying attention.

You got lost in all the flavours and the feelings; the colours in the noise. It’s okay. Bees can’t help being attracted to the flowers; hummingbirds don’t choose to feast on nectar. It was a trick from the very beginning. You want money. Food. fame. But now you’re here. Good morning. It’s time to wake up.

What did you promise yourself, all those years ago? Do you even still love the kid that you used to be?

That you’ll never grow up. That you’ll never get a boring job. You’ll never be like THEM.

It’s okay. Smile. Breathe.

Hooblagoo. Dunglington. Forsh. Whisper these magic words like you would when you were five years old. It feels like magic, I promise. Smile.

You are human. I am human. That’s pretty cool. You’re as awesome as you ever needed to be, but you want more. I understand, because I want more, too. I want perfection, just like you. Just like you, I am not JUST a human. I’m not ONLY human. I AM human.

I’m not perfect, yet. I get caught out, too. Sometimes. Quite a lot. But that’s okay. Smile. Breathe. Forget about who you were, or who who want to be. Remember who you are. Where you are. How you are. Right now.

I’m sitting a little bit crooked. Now I’m sat up straight. Conscious changes. Incremental changes. Reel in perfection like The Old Man and the Sea. Not too fast, now; you’ll break the line. Not too slow now; it’ll get away from you. Stop. Smile. Breathe.

Thanks for your time; I really appreciate it, I do. Now go and do what you want to do. Be who you are meant to be. Be free.


Published by RJHughes

I am from the UK and spent 5+ years abroad. Read about my adventures here:

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