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Success of the Universal Being

All achievement is the product of the collective effort of the universe; the famous few are the representative of a million multitude of other beings, past and present. When you celebrate a famous singer, celebrate your ears; when you celebrate the power of technology, celebrate your ancestors; when you celebrate beauty in others; celebrate your own desire for perfection.

Desire for perfection. Isn’t that the quest for spirituality? Religion in the most basic sense of the word; the conscious performing of habitual actions. Religiously sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime. Religiously practising your singing voice. Religiously attending to your beauty with skin and hair care products. This is the joy of striving towards godliness; the art of living and being alive.

And which piece of the puzzle are you? Which piece to you desire to be? Consciously improving each aspect of your life; the way you type, the way you make love, cook dinner, wash your hair, do the shopping, drive your car, speak to friends; if you can seek improvement in all the areas in which you are most lazy; those are the areas in which you have been most successful; eating, breathing, sitting, walking; perfection looms. Start with the part of you you cherish most.

Life is not difficult. A sense of ease must permeate your aura; to be enlightened is to both to weigh nothing and to shine brightly. Glow gently for the world. The world does not need heroes, there is no evil; the world merely requires light to be shined in all the dark corners so there are no places for fears to hide.

Success of the one is the success of the many. You do not need to be noticed; if you hold a candle out for others, you also hold a candle out for yourself. Hold your candle selfishly. Hold it for yourself. The people in need of light will gather round, be sure of that. Go with ease and shine.


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